Please Leave a Message


you have reached constantly moving people.

You have reached,

ever active attention deficit disordered minds.


You have reached avatars.

You have reached profile pics and screen handles

handled by anonymity,

posting profusely.

Ain’t I an individual?


You have reached infinitely playing loops.


You have reached sound bytes, heavy trafficking

and high volume call times.

You have reached yoyoing opinions

and second to second shifting trends.

Hello, poison may be good for you,

Hello, honesty might kill you.

Hello, truth has been permanently recalled.

Please see a doctor immediately if…

You have reached digital graveyards.

You have reached childhood photos of your ex,

YouTube videos of your past

remixed with your present

sold to the highest bidder as your future.

We are unable to take your call

or forward your call

or hear your call.

Please leave a message.

Please do not remain online.

Please hold on.

Please continue to hold.

-ZG Daniel

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