Catch Poetry

For those who can still write poetry in the digital age

I salute you.

You are the true pioneers

The Bukowskis of an apathetic millennia.

No one can keep you from creating.

No pop up ads for shoes you just placed in a virtual cart

can drag you kicking and screaming into the land of the lost

The uninspired

The mute

The spiritually impoverished,

The mad.

Those of you still writing poetry in the digital age

I admire and envy you

And I rarely participate in envy,

But poetry is where I once thought I lived

Curled up like a clever cat in the corners where I was conditioned

To believe poetry would always pour itself into me.

Now I lounge like a viewer

Watching poetry,

Consuming poetry,

Appraising poetry,

Tasting poetry,

Snacking on poetry,

Feeling poetry,

Catching poetry like butterflies,

Like fish,

Like fireflies.

But I can’t keep poetry anymore.

It’s not mine.

It’s yours.




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