My Barbie Playtime Chronicles Part 1

1. Superheroes



Secret identities

and saving of people.


2. Period Era Barbie

An unestablished powdered wig Century.

Low cleavage and large skirts

stuffed with my moms silk scarves.

Lot’s of competition about who was going to 

“The Ball.”

And with whom.


3. Soap Opera Barbie

Often played with my brother.

We called the Soap Opera “Sara Blackstone”

after the main character,

a delightfully horrible woman

and sang a short theme song before each episode.

My favorite Soap Opera as a young girl was 

“Santa Barbra.”


4. Ballet recital Barbie

Ballet recitals are always great for drama.

Also I loved classical music.


5. Modeling Agency Barbie

The Agency was called “Black Pearl”

targeted towards recruiting my Black Barbies

in successful and competitive fashion careers.



6. Sex Barbie

An orgiastic pile up 

of all my Barbies


They had no reproductive organs

but my imagination was quite vast.


7. New Barbie Barbie

Whenever I got a new Barbie

the favorite one would go pick her up at the airport.

She was usually a relative of some kind,

a cousin.

All the Kens had a crush on her because she was new.

All the other Barbies hated her because she was new.

She was oblivious and super friendly.

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