Good Friday

In a way,

I kind of died.

There’s no other way to describe 

that trip into the other side

the feeling that evolves

from pure ecstasy

into a presence so alive

there is nothing but to cry.

Where was I?

And you could have pulled me up for anything,

My body too limp to comprehend.

You could have pulled me up to carry me

and guide me towards the end.

But you pulled me up to hold me

to gather me all the way in.

You pulled me up to hold me tight

so that I could come down

and begin.



3 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Love the imagery, so vivid, yet hidden…

    Question; how did you do that with the image on the post? shadow, clear?

    • Hi! Thank you for the lovely compliments! Re: the image on the post, are you referring to the one image at the top? I only have one image on my blog template which I uploaded from my desktop. Any other design details are within the parameters of the template I chose from wordpress. : )

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