Thank you…

Dear Readers,

I just want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for your likes and follows here at All at Once on

I started this blog last year in order to hold myself accountable to writing at least a poem or two a week. I was a prolific writer in my youth, a literature major at Bard College and City College in my undergrad and a budding photo enthusiast in my 20s. Life gets pretty busy as time goes on and though I love poetry, I really don’t get the opportunity to write it or consume it as much as I would like. Work takes over, other passions emerge and I have several independent projects I’m working on as well as one other blog at But my heart expresses itself best through abstractions, suggestions, attention to the significance of seemingly small everyday things that connect us to each other and tear at us within. Poetry is just one of the ways I choose to study and observe the things in life that often go unnoticed.

I never thought about who if anyone would read my work or comment on it, rather I just wanted to put my voice out there, to hold myself accountable to creating something I loved on a consistent basis. Your attention, comments and suggestions have been of great encouragement, support and motivation. I am awed and humbled by it because I take many risks here with regard to what I expose of myself through poetry and I intend to take even more.

We were all born naked and whether we know it or not, we all long to be “naked” again but not necessarily in the literal sense. We long to strip away, to peel away all we have accumulated by way of protecting ourselves not only from the external obstacles we face but from the internal ones as well. We want to be naked of shame, guilt, fear, and all the things that hold us back from connecting to the love which we see exists everywhere once we are able to connect to love within ourselves. The journey towards that undressing is the process, which for me, poetry among other forms of expression, serves to facilitate with grace, heart, fierceness and vulnerability.

Thanks for reading.


ZG Daniel

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